O₂ Generators

Our oxygen generation equipment offers safe and cost-effective solutions for the use of oxygen in our customers’ manufacturing processes.


Oxygen plays a key role in many industrial processes. Often it is required to control the percentage in the environment during the production process or in the packaging of products, or it is essential to provide accurate concentrations for the success of the processes.

GasN2 technology offers the implementation of oxygen-generating equipment at our clients’ facilities, providing autonomy for the generation or consumption of oxygen, with a wide range of purities and flow rates.

Our O₂ generators can be combined with integrated carbon dioxide mixers for obtaining ternary mixtures.

  • On-site generation of O₂ with a purity of 30% to 93%.
  • Modular equipment with adjustable purity
  • Raw material: air
Gas characteristics
  • Variable composition up to 93%.
  • Control and traceability of gas production.
  • Continuous purity display
Equipment features
  • Equipment can operate continuously 24/7
  • Automated production process reduces costs
  • Market leading compressed air requirements
  • Dual production of O2 of different purities
  • Elimination of logistical tasks
  • Energy efficient system
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Modular and expandable design
  • User-friendly digital display
  • Remote connection via App or PC
  • Hourly production scheduling
  • Exportable traceability data
  • Programmable alarm control system
  • Safe process, no handling of elements at high pressures
  • Integrated O2 sensor for continuous measurement


  • Reliable and robust equipment
  • Adjustable gas purity
  • Modular and flexible design
  • Reduction of costs: no transport expenses, no leakage or carry-over losses
  • Energy savings
  • A modular system ensures continuous and independent supply
  • Easy to integrate and low-maintenance
  • No need for gas storage at high pressures, ensuring the safety of installations
  • No need for skilled operators and no dependency on outside suppliers
  • Environmentally friendly systems
  • Proprietary software with remote monitoring of incidents
  • On-site gas production
  • Robust Pressure Swing Adsorption technology
  • Zero-cost raw material