Dryer systems

Sausage and charcuterie dryers are used for the food curing processes by means of the extraction of water from the product, in a controlled manner and up to a certain percentage.


Our dryers base their technology on the adsorption of the water contained in the air of the room where the product is located. Then, hot air is used to remove the water from the room. The air recirculation system never comes into contact with the air in the drying room, so there is no risk of food contamination.

This process allows us to take humid air from inside the curation room where the products are and return it dry and to the set point temperature.



  • Cooling/Freezing capacity adapted to the customer’s needs.
  • Integration of frequency inverters.
  • Less polluting refrigerant gases.
  • Remote control of equipment operation.
  • Significant savings in electricity.
  • Low freezing temperatures.

    • -40ºC
    • -80ºC
  • Reduced freezing cycles.
  • Faster and more efficient production.
  • Modulation of consumption according to production demand.
  • Tax-free refrigerant gases.
  • Reduction of the frozen product cost per kilo.
  • Remote SAT.