The engineering of the future
We are experts in gases for
different uses and industries.

Our systems


Based on chromatography technology, we can produce nitrogen, oxygen, and other complex mixtures. of the highest quality with optimum performance

Freezing systems

Designed specifically for the food industry, the industrial refrigeration product line consists of a variety of refrigeration units. With its unique and reliable performance, it can reach temperatures as low as -80°C.

Deshumidificadores y secaderos


Sausage and charcuterie dryers are used for the food curing processes by means of the extraction of water from the product, in a controlled manner and up to a certain percentage.

Technological innovation

Passion turns into research,
knowledge, and science.

For us, technological innovation is a fundamental value, especially when it is based on the quality of the production process and the right guidance.

Therefore, we stand out by always striving for excellence in quality and putting our teams first. With a vision and company values that we implement day after day  This is why our R&D&I team works every day to create more sustainable structures with better technical properties. Our focus is set on developing new formulas and using different technologies to achieve ever better results.

What makes us different?

They trust us

Nuestra experiencia ha sido fantástica. Una muestra de ello es la satisfacción de nuestros clientes, cuya opinión suele ser la más crítica y objetiva.

Jordi Cobo, Director of Embotits Solà