For the second year running, GasN2 and Elisava are collaborating on a project that presents students with real challenges to find concrete, applicable solutions. The aim of the project is to bring the academic world closer to the professional world. Last week, the challenge and project requirements for this year’s course were presented. The challenge is respirators for ICU – the DARs – after last year’s challenge was the redesign of sausage dryers.

According to the challenge set by GasN2, three classes of about 25 students each have to submit proposals and solutions. This year, the challenge is doubled. With the DAR ventilators developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, GasN2 won several awards, such as the Innovative SME of the Year Covid mention or the I20 award from the College of Industrial Engineers.

Through this collaboration, both GasN2 and Elisava aim to present real challenges to the students, allowing them to explore new concepts and solutions in the field, and even integrate them into the design of the equipment. They also aim to bring the students closer to the reality of work.