GasN2, together with the Teresa Carles Flax & Kale Group and Delifactory, has been awarded a PERTE (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation) with the From Green to Health (FGTH) project. The project has a budget of 111 million euros from the Agri-Food Perte.

The objective of FGTH is to create an integrated value chain through innovative, digitalised and sustainable processes. This will facilitate the acquisition of competitiveness for the Spanish food industry and make it a referent at European scale.

In the specific case of the joint project between GasN2 and Teresa Carles, the focus has been on the carbonation of healthy drinks, based on the recovery of CO2 from combustion gases, thus revalorising it and preventing its emission into the atmosphere. The ultimate aim is to democratise the consumption of drinks such as kombucha, which are currently in growing demand on the market.